What is Facebook Pixel?

In this blog, we will know how FB pixel works with an example of offline business for easy understanding that can be related to any business and use the power of Facebook Pixel to get online sales in your business. Click here if you want to know the success secrets of Mr. Mukesh Ambani

Example of offline training Industry

There is a training industry in Delhi owned by Mr. Ram and his marketing manager is Shyam, who works on a commission basis.Ram conducts one-day training programs and Shyam brings people to the training.

· Approximately 100 people will attend his program from Delhi.

· Out of 100, 10 people will join in Ram’s 3-day program

· 2 of 10 people will enroll in Ram’s 12-month training program

Shyam, the marketing manager will observe all the people attending training programs conducted by Mr. Ram ( their demographics, psychographics) and focus more on the 2 people who enrolled in a 12-month training program. He will try to find more like those for the next training classes offered by Mr.Ram.

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Facebook pixel works the same way as Mr.Shyam, the marketing manager in any business. You may have many products and there will be high paying and low paying customers. You have to replace Facebook Pixel in the place of Mr.Shyam in your business. People will see your ads and visit your website.

You have to place a Facebook pixel to your

· Website’s landing page view.

· Website’s lead form or Thank You page

· Sales page/ purchase page

· Upsell page
Facebook will identify all those who have visited your landing page, sales page, and upsell page. If 100 people have visited your website, 50 filled forms, and 20 bought your products. Facebook Pixel will work the same as a marketing manager and identify people who are similar to 20 who bought the product and send them back to your landing page.

The Facebook pixel will collect the information on the right kind of people who might buy your products and direct them to your website but you have to give access to the sale page. If you are new to the business and want new ideas to improve your products then click here to get great ideas.

If people are buying your products offline, then tag the Facebook pixel at the payment link where the customer is paying. Facebook will identify those people and show your ads to them and direct them to your landing page.

This FB pixel works like a magician, show ads to the right kind of people and direct them to your landing page and improve your sales.