How To Create Hook

Hook Is Nothing But A Scroll Stopper Or A Curiosity Builder Which We Can Use To Grab Undivided Attention Of Our Customers. Its a promise of a complete solution to Niche so that they can reach their goal very easily. It Consist Of 3 Parts

1 - Calling Out
2 - The Hook / Headline
3 - The Supporting Hook / Sub Headline

1 - Calling Out
Calling out is the part where we call out our niche/customers by specifically stating their profession. It helps to get their attention and build relevance at the very first glance to the page.

2 - The Main Hook

The Main Hook as stated earlier, is a curiosity builder, its basically a big promises that you promises to fulfill for your customer.

Here are examples of some great hooks you can use in your Landing Page

A - How to _________ ( desired result ) ____ without___( pain in the process )____
How to build powerful personal brand online without paying tons of money to social media agencies

B - A New method ___ ( to get desired result ) ______ without ___ ( the pain in process )___
A new method to learn French Without

3 - The Supporting Hook / Sub Headline

A Lot Of Time It Happens That Writing Hook In 6-8 Words is not enough, it seems vague and people can't easily understand what it is... therefore we use a supporting hook or a subheadline so that it helps us to discribe the Hook Easily... When We Promise Something In The Hook, It Automatically Arise a " HOW " in mind of people... A Sub headline Adds More To It And Build More Curiosity