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Outline Of 3 Days

Friday December 17th

REPOSITIONING - Doors open At 9 AM


How To Stand Out In Your Industry

Have You Ever Wondered Why brand like "Apple" Creates A sense of luxury in our mind

...while others like "COCA-cOLA" become legendary classics that remain popular even after decades

its the same reason why "DOVE" was able to make a mark for itself even after having a lot of competition in the Soap industry...

So What's the Difference?

The Answer Lies in the ability to Position the product differently and effectively

As A Consultant Or Expert the Competition Is Very stiff, and the only way To Get Your Business Running At Faster Pace is "Repositioning"

else like "TATA Nano" ( Even After Being a good product ) you May suffer a lot in market because of "wrong positioning"

So how do you do that, exactly ?

In This Session You'll Learn To Reposition YourSelf As An Expert And Learn To Stand Out in The Crowd For years to come.

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Saturday December 18th

VISIBILITY - Doors open At 9 AM


Making your videos sell like a powerful salesmen around the world

Does it Feel Like You've become CHAINED to your business ?

Chances are, you probably started this whole ‘business thing’ because you had a dream, right?

You were passionate about something, and wanted to share it with the world!

you wanted to,

be your own boss

work when you want,

have freedom to go places and do all that you love ...

sounds pretty, right ?

how do you create That one Video Which Will sell You, Forever?

My Video Sales sales Method Is the Answer for you

There are More than 1200+ Paid customers using video sales Method.

A lot of them created there Self Selling Videos and now are living life of financial freedom

in this session we will show you how you can create that one video which will sell you, Forever...

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Sunday December 19th

tRANSFORMATION - Doors open At 9 AM

Day 3 - Transformation

The magic of "Automation", how to literally put your business on autopilot

do you ever feel that doing business online is hard and takes lot of tech knowledge ?

Well You're Absolutely Right...

It Is Hard And You Need To Be Tech Savvy

But Everything Is Hard Until you UNDERSTAND IT.!!

Learn Simple Automations which will take care most of your business

there was a time when we were 7 people working in my company and we were not even 10% of what we are today...

applying these simple automation now we are 4 people working and we have grown our business By 10 folds...

Automation Can Enhance Your Efficiency so that you work on those 20% things which give you 80% results...

In This Session You'll Learn how i reduced my work force and Transformed my business using Automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How many days you have to come?

A - All 3 days are important as everyday we will be discussing very important topics. A single miss can create a huge disconnect.

Q - At what time you have to be at the event?

A - Everyday we expect our attandees to be at the venue at 9 A.M. everyday. Punctuality is the key to success ladies and gentlemen.

Q - What about food?

A - The lunch will be on us including morning tea at 9-10 A.M. and the tea will be served again in the afternoon.

Q - What About Stay ?

A - Stay is not included in the package But There Are A Lot Of Good Options To Stay Near The Hotel.

Q - Should i bring my writing pads and notebooks ?

A - Workbook and Notes will be provided by us, just be there on time.